2014 Point Standings

The 2014 point standings for all ERC Members can be seen here.

The 2014 Edmond Running Club Race Series will include any organized race that you may find to enter. We will not formally be tracking or offering a “designated list” of approved or ERC sponsored races.

Points will be earned one of the following ways:

  • By volunteering for an organized running event (packet pickup, manning a water stop, registration, etc); or 
  • By volunteering for a recognized ERC event (ERC scheduled trash pickup, working Frigid Five Race, ERC aid station at Redman Triathlon, etc.); or 
  •  By running/walking in an organized running event.

2014 Points Series

Points will be awarded on the following basis at the end of the calendar year:

  • Volunteering = 1 point per daily volunteer event
  • Running/Walking = 1 point per mile based on distance of the event (5k = 3.1 points, 10k = 6.2 points, and 5 miles = 5 points

At the end of the 2014 calendar year, points will be totaled and awards presented at the following levels:

  • St. Bernard: 5+ points of volunteering
  • Bulldog: 100-124 points (total running miles)
  • Husky: 125-174 points (total running miles)
  • Wolves: 175+ points (total running miles)

Participants will be responsible to report their participation to Karen Price.

For question about a particular race in our area or around the state, contact Dana Campbell-Sternlof.

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